Outstanding look

Shrink or stretch hooding packaging systems will give a great look to the products. The film stays tight around the load resulting wrinkle free, adding a extra precision in the overall image of the appliance device.

The hooding film are fully customizable as in colours and graphics to improve product and company branding.

Safe handling

Bocedi hooding machines secure safely the household appliance, packing as fast as 280 units per hour. The packaging process can be integrated with the lamination device: a dedicated Teflon plate that gently heats up the plastic hood under the load allowing it to stick to the protective EPS. The lamination phase is specifically designed and recommended to grant safe product handling and stackability.

Stretch or shrink?

Have them both in one machine.

Sometimes is can be difficult to change or to select a different technology for your end of the line packaging system. We have the solution: Bocedi Hybrid hooder has both stretch and shrink technologies in one machine. The hooder can be configurated with up to 6 different film types or film thickness, and is the ideal solution to pack a large variety of different products.

Packaging Systems

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