Manufactured in Italy

All the parts that make up the packaging machines are engineered by Bocedi technical office expertise; the core components of Bocedi machines are sourced and manufactured in Italy, the best overall quality is the foundation of the company production lines.

Highly trained personnel

All the machines are assembled in house, by highly trained personnel; 100% of the production goes through severe testing before shipping according to the customer’s specifications and production cycle.

Simplicity and innovation

Within its history Bocedi has mastered 4 different patented system on their stretch hooders keeping that perfect balance of simplicity and innovation.


Stretch Hooder 4.0EP 3144233
Stretch Hooder FB2000 EP 2792599
Stretch Hooder FB3000102019000024781
Stretch Hooder FB1000 N 271900

Packaging Systems

Widest machine range for pallet loads stabilization

Stretch Hood machines

Proven packaging technology for pallet load securing

Shrink Hood machines

Vertical and horizontal load securing strapping solutions

Strapping machines

Palletless complete packaging lines


Wide selection of in line completion accessories


Automatic bag inserter

In Box Bagmaker