Dedicated solutions for the industry

Stacking pattern, heavy load or fragile products, no matter what: stability is what your load needs.

Bocedi will find the best packing technology to keep your load safe and stable with shrink or stretch hood technology.

Hooding machines for large formats

New large stretch and shrink hoods lines for large formats to respond positively to new bigger market load sizes, reaching up to a 3600x1700mm pallet size. Five new state-of-the-art machine models are all inclusive with Bocedi top quality standards.

Palletless bricks

Bocedi dedicated stretch hooding line for palletless bricks, is a cost saving solution. No wooden pallet is necessary for the package, the hood is made with tailored reduced length to save the amount of plastic.

The loads are stackable as standard palletized units, but with less volume when storing and during transport. Combined with a strapping phase the load is safe and stable with an outstanding look for product display.

In line Bocedi strapping

Bocedi horizontal and vertical strapping machines are ideal for the industry, to stabilize and secure the load just before the final hooding phase.

Packaging Systems

Widest machine range for pallet loads stabilization

Stretch Hood machines

Proven packaging technology for pallet load securing

Shrink Hood machines

Vertical and horizontal load securing strapping solutions

Strapping machines

Palletless complete packaging lines


Wide selection of in line completion accessories


Automatic bag inserter

In Box Bagmaker