Shrinking rings

FT20 - FT25 - FT30

Shrinking rings

The shrinking rings here at Bocedi are 50 years young. They are designed so well, with proven reliability, we just keep on building them.


Bocedi shrinking rings allow the film shrinkage on a hooded load through a stainless-steel frame which gently heats up the plastic hood around the load using controlled recycled hot air.

The innovative flame-less system works with any low-pressure gas, uses controlled recycle hot air to preserve the film elasticity and resistance.

Full range

The full range of shrinking rings will find the right match in your production cycle, depending on the pallet size their capacity can reach up to 240 pallet/hr. They are available 1÷4 sides heaters.

Load stability

Supplied together with one of the Bocedi Hooding machines or alone, all the shrinking rings can be easily be fitted with the pallet lifting device, which will allow the plastic hood to go all the way underneath the pallet, shrinking the plastic directly under the pallet for a perfect combination of load stability and safety.

Technical data

Capacity (depending on ring size and product)40÷240 pallet/hr
Minimum pallet size400×400 mm
Maximum pallet size3000×1500 mm

Pallet finish