Stable, compact load

Many years of experience in the field, working alongside the most prominent industry manufacturers, has made it possible for Bocedi to offer safe, reliable, long-lasting end of the line packaging solutions with high performance for the entire segment of this market. Stretch hood technology for chemical bagged material is the solution for a stable, waterproof, compact load. The strech hooding technology is ideal for all bagged goods, heat sensitive materials included. It keeps the load safe adding a strong protective layer of recyclable plastic to prevent external contact with the load and bags misplaced during transport or storing.


Palletless hooding technology is designed for bagged goods. It creates a stable, safe, compact and self-standing load without the use of a wooden pallet. The load is perfectly suitable for fork lift transport. The package created by Bocedi is a fully automated pallet-less line which applies a firm top sheet on the bags and then a stretch hood to cover the load. The load is then rotated upside down of 180° to apply the final hood on it. The result is a 100% water/weather-resistant and a fully self standing package. Pallet less is suitable for stretch and shrink hooding technologies.


Water/weather-proof packaging with stretch or shrink hooding technology. Your load will be protected from water and weather conditions on 5 or 6 sides; UV protection is also available. Ideal to be stored in open air, the load is safe from unauthorised picking, thanks to high puncture resistance of the plastic film.

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