Edge protection inserter

The Edge protection inserter is available for vertical and horizontal strapping machines as well as for stretch hooding machines. The machine will apply a V shape reinforced support on the side of your load to add extra security to protect the edges.

The machine is capable of working with different pallet sizes and heights.

Automatic plastic sheet applicator for pallet or pallet-less loads

Designed to offer a 6-sided sealed packaging when combined with a hooding machine, this unit will automatically apply a plastic sheet on the pallet before the load is stored on it.

For pallet-less packaging the machine will automatically apply the reinforcing top sheet on the bags, to secure the load once hooded for transport.

The applicator is configurable with one or two types of films and can work with bubble wrap sheets.

Centring device

The centring device installed before the hooding machine will place your load in the correct position to have the best packaging precision. A centred load does in fact allow the hooding machine to evenly stretch the plastic, granting the most accurate load stability and hood resistance.


Horizontal or vertical, the pressing devices are ideal when the load on the pallet needs to be made more compact.

To erase the space between the products with a horizontal press or to reduce the volume of bagged material with a vertical press, the press can be a strategic device to secure the load and have stable, compact, easy to transport and store materials.

Conveyance lines

A multitude of different conveying versions will complete your end of the line packaging solution.

Belt, roller, slat, carpet, chain conveyors to move in the most safe and stable manner your load.

The conveying lines can be adjusted in height to fit your current layout and can be equipped with turning tables and lifting devices.

Pallet stackers/destacker

Automatic stacking and destacking pallet device, capable of handling various pallet sizes.

Pallet shuttle

Bocedi pallet shuttle can be integrated to move your pallet automatically away from the packaging station or to bring the pallet to the packaging line.